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When do we say "A donde vas...?" and when "Donde vas?"


In the lesson 1.7, in the Watch section, there was an example "¿A dónde vas para comer?" Then in the Speak section, an example was "¿Dónde vas los jueves?" Why was not "A" used in the second example?

updated ENE 10, 2010
posted by tsvetlena
Because I think that the destination is not know for'jueves', the destination is known for where a person is going to eat. Both are correct. :) - Seb79, ENE 10, 2010
Good question and welcome to the Forum, tsvetiena. Hope to see you back here, many times. - 0057ed01, ENE 10, 2010

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Both are right, but it depends on what you want to ask. If you're asking about destination, "where are you going?" should be "¿A dónde vas?". If you want to know at which part of the road (supposing you already know destination) the person is, "¿dónde vas?" would be correct.

Vi que Juan se llevó su coche ¿a dónde va?

--Oye, los estamos esperando. ¿Dónde van? --Ya casi llegamos. Vamos por la Glorieta del Ángel.

updated ENE 10, 2010
posted by Seb79
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