I need someone to proof read this. Please!

I need someone to proof read this. Please!


1.) A mí me no gustar los tamales. = I do not (like) the tamales

2.) Before you take a test, you should study = estudio .

3.) Juan y a Marta siempre gusta bailar. = John and Martha always like to dance

4.) A mí eso molesta la música rock. = To me that's annoying rock music

5.) En mi si usted lee libre, me gusta jugar al fútbol. = If you read in my book, I liked playing football.

6.) ¡Claro que! ¡claro está! means "of course!"

7.) The opposite of sin is con. sin = without con = with

8.) La profesora está siempre in front of la pizarra. = The teacher is always (en frente de) the board

9.) Yo no bailo en las fiestas. = I do not dance at parties

10.) Yo no bailo bien. Yo bailo mal. = I do not dance well. I dance badly.

II. Answer in Spanish. Note the hints in parentheses. 1.) ¿Te gusta bailar? no puedo bailar a todos loss = I can not dance at all

2.) ¿Dónde está el libro? (under the desk) Ello libro era debajo de el escritorio. = This book was under the desk.

3.) A la profesora, ¿le gustan las enchiladas? mi la profesora gusta las enchiladas = My professor likes enchiladas

4.) ¿Dónde estás? (next to the cafeteria) Estoy al lado de la cafetería. Ahora mismo. = I am next to the cafeteria, Right now.

5.) ¿Te gustan las películas románticas? No me gusto las películas románticas. = No I hate romantic films.

6.) How would you translate the sentence "Spanish class is very far away"? La clase de español está muy lejos = Spanish class is very far away

7.) ¿Cuáles son tus pasatiempos favoritos? Me gusta jugar juegos de vídeo, Paintball, Airsoft, Juegos de la CPU, lanzar una pelota de fútbol, montar en bicicleta. Ect = I like playing Video games, Paintball, Airsoft, Cpu Games, tossing a football, Bike riding. ECT

8.) Tell someone what you like to do. (to sing OR to play the piano) Me gusta jugar paintball y Airsoft. = I like playing paintball and Airsoft.

9.) A ustedes, ¿les gusta la clase de arte? (sí) No, yo no estoy tomando clases de arte. = No I'm not even taking art class.

10.) Tell someone that the pencil is on top of the book. El lápiz está en la parte superior del libro. = The pencil is on top of the book.

Please tell me how I have done or If I can improve it at all thank you. (Bolded words are my answers)

(If you think it is good you can vote it up or If it's wrong post an answer Please smile )

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This is very long. I will give you some general suggestions, but I don't have the time (or inclination) to correct everything.

On number 5, I think you are supposed to say what you do in your free time. So the missing word is "free".

You need to review sentences using "gusta". Part II numbers 6 and 8 are correct, but the rest have various problems. Part II number 3 is incorrect because the question asks "does the teacher like enchiliadas" -- it is not a question directed at the the teacher, but about the teacher.

You have translated "I do not dance" as "yo hacer no bailo" -- this is based on a word-by-word translation which is not correct. In English, "do" is used as a helping verb here. It doesn't get translated into Spanish.

I do not dance = (yo) no bailo

Notice that the word "do" is NOT in the Spanish sentence. This problem is in Part I sentence 9, and Part II sentence 1.

Part II number 3 has 3 separate problems, one of which is confusion between ser and estar.

Last sentence, "on top of" is usually "encima de".

These sentences are in pretty good shape: Part I, numbers 7, 8, 10 and Part II numbers 4,6,7,8,9.

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Ok thanks - Drakus_Fett, ENE 9, 2010

I recommend you to split the exercise in several parts the next time that you have one like this one...

Corrections in bold...

1.) A mí no me no gustan los tamales. = I do not (like) the tamales

2.) Antes de hacer una prueba, deberías estudiar = Before you take a test, you should study

3.) A Juan y Marta siempre les gusta bailar. = John and Martha always like to dance

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Thank you :) - Drakus_Fett, ENE 9, 2010

Ok everyone this post is done thank you for the ideas on how to improve it. smile

It was turned in to day.

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