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In spanish what is the plural for deer?


I have a wrokbook question that i am having trouble answering. I had asked my friend and we are disagreeing on what the corrent way to say the plural form of deer. Is it just deer and then we have to say something before it? Please help us figure it out.

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posted by Sweetandspicy180
Welcome to the forum!! - hlsbookworm, ENE 8, 2010

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Welcome to the forum!

Is your confusion because there is no plural for for "deer" in English?

In Spanish one deer is "venado" and more than one deer is "los venados". In fact, the Mexican town of Mazatlan has a baseball team called "los Venados".

I hope this helps!

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posted by mountaingirl123
Thanks! and yes that was why I was confused. - Sweetandspicy180, ENE 8, 2010
Did you know that Mazatlán is based on the Nahautl word mazatl for "venado"? :-) - chaparrito, ENE 8, 2010
How interesting!!!! I had NO idea!!!! Gracias! - mountaingirl123, ENE 8, 2010
Que chevere! - sunshinzmommie, ENE 8, 2010

Muchisimas gracias, Ken.

I never knew there was another word for deer!

Now, at last, I can stop being embarrassed by calling cattle venado and deer ganado.

I live in an area where there are hundreds of both critters, and I do know the difference!

Anyway, from now on it's cierva!

(Do you have any tips to keep me from asking, ¿Quiere una torta jabón?)

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¿Quiere un jabón duro? Do you want a block of soap? - kenwilliams, ENE 8, 2010
Just be prepared that in Mexico, it is likely that 'ciervo' will not be recognized as an alternate for 'venado'. :-) - chaparrito, ENE 8, 2010

Deer in spanish is cierva so the plural is ciervas, just add an s to nouns that end with a vowel.

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or ciervo/ciervos - 0074b507, ENE 8, 2010
Yes it is ciervo/a male/female. - kenwilliams, ENE 8, 2010
Is it the same for venado ..... venada?? Also, doesn't the Bible use cierva? - sunshinzmommie, ENE 8, 2010

las ciervas

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I believe the Bible use the word ciervo. I remember in Costa Rica in Cartago a reading from it, something like: Como el ciervo busca para las aguas corrientes, mi corazón busca para tí.

Please correct me if I am incorrect smile

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posted by sunshinzmommie
Do you mean "siervo"? (servant)... - Carlos-F, ENE 8, 2010
Not , likely. - samdie, ENE 8, 2010
No, 'cierva' is used. See comment below. :-) - chaparrito, ENE 12, 2010

Sunshinzmommie wrote:

doesn't the Bible use cierva?

something like: Como el ciervo busca para las aguas corrientes, mi corazón busca para tí.


Salmo 42:1 - Como la cierva que ansía las corrientes de agua, así mi alma misma te ansía, oh Dios.

Here is another example:

Isaías 35:6 - En aquel tiempo el cojo trepará justamente como lo hace el ciervo, y la lengua del mudo clamará con alegría. Pues en el desierto habrán brotado aguas, y torrentes en la llanura desértica.

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you just say deer and then és before it.

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posted by Sweetandspicy180
Before it? that would make it an esdeer, I have heard of a reindeer but never an esdeer. - kenwilliams, ENE 8, 2010
Are you sure about this? - sunshinzmommie, ENE 8, 2010
I believe you would add an s to ciervo/a or after the word venado. - sunshinzmommie, ENE 8, 2010
Sure about what? - kenwilliams, ENE 8, 2010
Not you Ken :) I just don't think this answer is correct at all. - sunshinzmommie, ENE 8, 2010
Yes you are correct, I was just commenting on Sweetanspic post above it tickled me a bit. - kenwilliams, ENE 8, 2010
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