Translation issues..

Translation issues..


Que quiere decir...?

"No conoscas morada ni conoscas laberinto, No enamores mujer casada ni montes en puerco pinto."

It's written on a sword-ish machete tool my dad brought home, which belonged to mi abuelo. Just curious.

updated ENE 5, 2010
posted by weinerrr

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I'm pretty sure montes is meant to be a verb--they all seem to be second person singular subjunctive--so that last phrase would be to ride or mount a spotted pig.

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posted by lorenzo9

It looks weird to me but I wonder if conoscos is a misspelling of subjunctive conocer

This guy doesn't know a home or a maze, he doesn't court a married woman or the mound of venus (check out one of the definitions/usages of monte) of a spotted pig

Wants to keep life simple by being a single man, and running around with a married woman makes as much sense as dating a pig, even if it is cute.

Now I am really waiting for a Spanish speaker to help me, or God will have to.

updated ENE 5, 2010
posted by nizhoni1
This has helped quite considerably. :) - weinerrr, ENE 4, 2010
Are you suggesting that God is not a Spanish speaker? - jeezzle, ENE 4, 2010
God is multilingual - Silvia, ENE 5, 2010
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