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"lavender field" or "house of lavender",


We are building a new house and want to give it a Spanish name. The house will be surrounded by a field of the herb lavender. We want to make sure that we are conjuring up the right image...a house in the midst of a field of lavender herbs, not a purple field or a lilac colored house. We are thinking of "lavender field" or "house of lavender", but the translations come out respectively to be campo de lavanda, campo de la lavanda, casa de la lavanda or casa de lila. Campo de Lavanda has a nice ring to it, but is it correct? Casa de la Lavanda seems cumbersome. Casa de Lila sounds pretty but I'm worried that we are saying that our house is purple/lilac colored. What is correct? Can anyone help? Thanks, JW

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My vote goes to

Campo de Lavanda

But note that this refers to the surroundings more than the house itself.

Likes this one:

alt text

updated ENE 3, 2010
posted by 00494d19
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