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Staying in a spanish speaking country!


I am going to Argentina in march for 3 weeks. 2 weeks in a Spanish school and 1 week free to see some sights. When i return to Australia i would love to go to a spanish speaking country again. Other than going over there for travel or going to a school is there any other ways of staying in the country for say 3mths to 3 years really cheap??? I have heard of these volountry things or missionary things where i just have to pay for the airfare and they supply the accomodation. I just want to have the exposure to the language!! Anyone with any ideas will be appreciated!!! I hope everyone had a good xmas and new year!!!!

updated ENE 4, 2010
posted by mike123587

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There are some sites on the internet that offer home swops. You advertise your house for swop and look for someone to swop with. So they stay in your house for what ever length of time you you stay in theirs. I have never tried this but sounds like a good idea. Also getting to know the persons for a while first is a good idea i think.

Just google it!!

updated ENE 4, 2010
posted by Mark-Maguire
ok thanks! ill look into it - mike123587, ENE 4, 2010

Some of my friends are going to be doing missionary work in Mexico in February, I would have loved to go but it was too short-notice -_-

That's something I can suggest.

updated ENE 4, 2010
posted by TheSilentHero
cool thanks! - mike123587, ENE 4, 2010
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