what Vos mean

what Vos mean


What Vos mean

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VOS is what they use in Argentina, I’m sure of that…what I am not sure is exactly how it’s used, because I always getting different responses from anyone I ask…

I assume this is so, because I have not heard or seen any official reference material which provides grammatical context.

It is basically the Subject Pronoun/Sustantivo one normally uses for tú; however, syntactical placement of the pronoun seems absolutely random to me.

When spoken, I at first thought they were saying my name: Bruce. i.e. Hola, ¿Cómo estás [Bruce/vos]? with vos actually used not Bruce of course

I know this would be correct to say Gracias a vos, por el regalo o Gracias a vos por el regalo me daste

But something like this….

  • Your sister called you?
  • ¿Tu hermana vos llamó?

    Is where I got different advise from everyone until I didn’t care anymore to understand defined usage

  • La hermana de tí llamó a vos

  • Vos llamó la hermana tuya

And what made it worse for me was, I am not used to hearing the elle which is ll or y prounced as soft g AND with the Argentines with their Italian accent

and gestures italian gestures

updated ENE 2, 2010
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p.s. I truly adore the argentine people - bdclark0423, ENE 2, 2010

In certain countries it is used in place of tú (you familiar)


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