Apps. on Ipods.

Apps. on Ipods.


I have downloaded the app for spanishdict on my ipod touch and it is really good. I am hooked. But I was wondering if you can download the flashcards? Does anybody know?

updated ENE 3, 2010
posted by 0021954c

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I wish there were more!! Search for byki (Before you know it!) for a good flashcard app. You can pick your favorite flashcard sets on byki.com and download them to your iPhone.

Also there are some fairly good conjugation practices too. I have just got "conjugation nation" for conjugation practice. It is okay, it has a few silly mistakes but it works well. (Like it calls the present perfect tense the "preterit perfect" for some reason.)

What I do like about it is "iTunes U." Go to iTunes U under the "language" category or just search "Spanish" and you will see some free videos, podcasts, or mp3s of short conversations in Spanish.

updated ENE 3, 2010
posted by 003487d6
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