What is a word for karate kata in Spanish/

What is a word for karate kata in Spanish/


¿Que es un palabra y verbo en español por "karate kata? Yo estoy traduciendo de "baliar de karate", por que "kata" es baliar por maestro buscar desarrollo. En inglés: What is a word and verb for "karate kata"? I am translating it as the "dance of karate" because "kata" is to dance (routine) so the Master can view development. It seems to loose something in my translation however. ¿Mi traducción es bien o mal? Muchas Graciás.

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posted by Juan20112

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I think the word kata comes from Japanese, so it will be the same in Spanish as in English. However, if you want to put a definition in parentheses, that would probably be a good idea, something like:

baliar por delante del maestro para que éste pueda ver el buscar desarrollo

Here is kata in wikipedia Spanish.

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posted by kattya
Muchas gracias por su repuesta! I like what the Wiki said in Spanish. The Spanish Wiki is whole new world that I will enjoy. Many thanks. - Juan20112, DIC 30, 2009

I would like to know this too. I also do kata in Karate. What belt are you? I am an orange belt.

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posted by sarahjs
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