My verification email was never sent to me.

My verification email was never sent to me.


Also when I go to the verify account link, it says my email is not in the database. I just started an account 2-3 weeks ago. What's even weirder is that it says I joined November of 1999. It doesn't add up they can't find my email, but I supposedly signed up for an account 9 years ago.

How am I going to get these problems fixed?

I sent a message through feedback awhile ago, but I thought maybe someone could help on here.


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posted by kimjones

2 Answers


This is very odd. Unfortunately, our IT person (Chris) is on vacation, but my suggestion is to create a new username with your email address and see if that works.

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posted by Paralee

It may be that someone with your same name was an old member so that the database server is recognizing your name, but not your email address because it won't be the same one associated with the previous member's name. Jones, of course, is not an unusual name, nor is Kim. I'm sure some staff member will read your post and refer it to the correct IT person.

Since when you search your name under Users it shows a profile with data that doesn't pertain to you, it is probably a case of mistaken identity rather than the database having recorded your profile information incorrectly.

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