"hoja de monitoreo"

"hoja de monitoreo"


I've come across the term "hoja de monitoreo" in relation to packaging and shipping. What does this term mean?

Also, does anyone know where I could get a Spanish-English dictionary/glossary of packaging/shipping terminology? online or phrasebook, either one is fine.

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Looks like it is referring to the packing slip/check sheet that lists the contents of the order.

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I typed the phrase into the translator and extrapolated wildly. - nizhoni1, DIC 28, 2009
You may be right. I was extrapolating too, but need to be sure so that I use the term appropriately. Thanks for your help! - mggabriel, DIC 28, 2009

Here is a glossary of what seems to be shipping terms.

The monitoring sheet - that wouldn''t be a list of dangerous or toxic chemicals, hazardous substances, poisons, flammable, combustibles, explosive, radioactive materials, etc., would it?

Similar to our Environmental Protection Agency's MSDS here in the US (Material Safety Data Sheet)

Glossary of shipping terms

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There aren't any chemicals or hazmat involved, so I'm guessing it's closer to a bill of lading or packing slip-- not sure, and I'd like to know so I can use the term appropriately. Thanks for the great glossary of terms! Exactly what I needed! - mggabriel, DIC 28, 2009
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