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Hola a todas!!!! Voy a ir a Argentina en Marzo por 3 semanas. 2 semanas en la escuela de español y 1 semana libre. Just for anyone out there with experience in learning another language, do you think i will learn much more spanish or do I really have to be there for months and months or even years to learn more. I just hope that when i return back here to Australia after 3 weeks in Argentina i have not wasted my time and money and hoped to have learned quite a lot more spanish!!!!!!!!

updated DIC 28, 2009
posted by mike123587

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I recently did something similar. The biggest change will be in your speaking. Resist the temptation to spend your off hours during your weeks in school speaking English with your classmates--go out and talk with people who speak no English instead. Trying to figure out what words to use, which tenses, and how to conjugate them is much harder in the flow of a conversation, especially when you are struggling to figure out what the other people are saying. Don't be shy, the more you practice, the more you will learn. You are going to make mistakes at first, some of them embarrassing, no matter when you start, so you may as well start the first day. Drinking beer was a good setting for me, since everyone is more relaxed and having fun.

updated DIC 28, 2009
posted by lorenzo9
Thanks for that. You sound a bit like me!!!!!!!And beer will relax me too jajajaj!!! - mike123587, DIC 28, 2009

That's not fair Mike, I really want to go to Argentina (boo hoo sob sob)

Yeah, I admit it - I'm really jealous. But I think it's a good thing - you already know a lot of Spanish (more than you think, trust me)

So don't be shy! Get stuck in there!

.....totally jealous......

updated DIC 28, 2009
posted by patch
Come with me!!! The more the merrier!!! - mike123587, DIC 28, 2009
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