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Hi, I'm looking into doing a TEFL course in Madrid next year. I am English, but dont realy know much about the names of the different tenses and their uses. (Don't quite know why they werent taught in English lessons in school, seems to be only when you start learning a foreign language you have to contend with learning all about sentance structures, tenses etc!). And was just wondering, to get a bit of a headstart is there anywhere on the site which has a basic breakdown of the different tenses and why / how theyre used?

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posted by carli22
tenses and grammer, or a website anyone can recommend - carli22, DIC 26, 2009

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This site is pretty good if you sift through it.

This one too for more in depth. And on the elearnspanishlanguage site, there are more broad links about verbs here.

updated DIC 28, 2009
posted by Luciente
This site's lessons are being extremely helpful for me. :D - weinerrr, DIC 28, 2009
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