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alegría al saber = joy to knowledge ?


I encounter a sentence in my textbook: Imagínate nuestra alegría al saber que volverá mañana.

Does it mean: You imagined that our joy to knowledge will come back tomorrow. (Today we have no more interest to learn, you thought we will get back the interest to learn tomorrow.) -- is it right?

imagínate, spelling error? should be imagínaste? why past tense here? It seems that it should be in present tense, because the subordinate clause uses simple future tense.

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posted by SlowFoxtrot

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Imagínate (command form of imagine, you) nuestra alegría al saber que volverá (not talking to you since it's not tu, but something else, read the context) mañana.

Imagine our joy knowing that he/she/it will come back tomorrow.

Can you supply some context?

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It is just a sample sentence, no more context, pity. - SlowFoxtrot, DIC 20, 2009
Just a side note: Imaginarse (reflexive form) is really the same thing, when I see/hear it intuitively I think "suppose, think about it" - Danieljoseph, DIC 20, 2009
Yup, I agree with Daniel...at least that is exactly how I interpretted it. (come back/return) - aloshek, DIC 20, 2009
Many thanks, I understand it now. There is a "te" here. - SlowFoxtrot, DIC 20, 2009
No prob, just remember AL before a verb roughly means upon, then mentally turn the verb into an -ing. That's kinda what I did when I learned it, well still do. - Danieljoseph, DIC 20, 2009
Couldn't it mean "Imagine our joy to know that tomorrow will come? - jeezzle, DIC 20, 2009
The verb is volver, to return, which implies that something left and is coming back, perhaps you read venir? - Danieljoseph, DIC 20, 2009

al + infinitive means "on/upon doing (whatever)".

So, "al saber" means "upon finding out", i.e., when we found out.

The whole sentence is roughly "Imagine our joy when we found out he would return tomorrow."

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posted by kattya
excellent - 00494d19, DIC 21, 2009

Can you imagine our joy to know that you would return tomorrow. ?

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posted by albert-fabrik-

? think of our joy to know you will return tomorrow?

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posted by nizhoni1
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