Joke of the Day: 1

Joke of the Day: 1


A man was dating a Spanish woman, and one Friday, she took him home to meet her parents. He thought "now is my chance to make touch up on my Spanish, and to show them how much I love their daughter." So the first night, they had dinner, and he chatted with the woman's parents in Spanish, and they were really impressed. The second night, he told them an old Spanish folk-tale in Spanish. Then, on Sunday, they all went to mass. The man thought "Now's my chance to make them love me more than ever!" So, in the middle of mass, he shouted, "¡Viva la papa!"

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updated ENE 6, 2010
edited by Selena_Gomez2
posted by Selena_Gomez2
...my chance to "brush up" on my Spanish. - 0074b507, DIC 19, 2009
So, where is the punch line. - 00769608, DIC 19, 2009
to show off my Spanish. - 00769608, DIC 19, 2009

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That would be Mr. Potato Head, correct?!! smile or should I say, Señor Papa. wink

updated FEB 23, 2011
posted by Jason7R
He is talking about the Pope - The head of the Catholic church. - 00769608, DIC 19, 2009
no, the man said "long live the potato" instead of "long live the pope. - Selena_Gomez2, DIC 19, 2009
That was the joke...I know he was trying to say the Pope, that's what made it hilarious!! :) - Jason7R, DIC 19, 2009
awwwwwwwwwwww thanx - Selena_Gomez2, ENE 6, 2010
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