Translation of a script phrase

Translation of a script phrase


Which is a better translation of this sentence for the average Spanish speaking person in the US.

"I'm sorry that was not a valid response, please try again." "I' m apesadumbrado que no era una respuesta válida, intenta por favor otra vez." or "Lamento que no era una respuesta válida, por favor, inténtelo de nuevo."

This will be used by Spanish speaking employees of a casino in Las Vegas as part of a telephone call-in system. Thanks

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Depending how you end up phrasing it, you may need to use the subjunctive mood in the subordinate clause if you aren't declaring that the answer was incorrect, but use a verb of emotion to show your reaction to the fact that it is incorrect.

So if you end up saying:

I regret that...

I'm sorry that...

or any other verb of emotion, doubt, denial, volition, desire, etc. you will need the subjunctive in the subordinate clause.

If you broke it into two sentences: I'm sorry. That wasn't a valid answer, try it again. Then you are making a declaration in the 2nd sentence and the subjunctive isn't needed.

updated DIC 19, 2009
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Or, even, "Lo siento pero ..." (one sentence - no subjunctive) - samdie, DIC 19, 2009
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