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Can someone really translate this for me?


I have a friend who wrote this to me:

te amo siempre. te quiero. que yo necesite. nunca (not sure on this spelling, handwriting is hard to decipher) vayase estancia conmigo. quieres casarte conmigo. quiero estar en usted para siempre. venga conmigo sea conmigo.

I tried an online translator and some of it sounded ok, but the rest didn't make any sense. Is this really spanish, and does it mean anything? Or is it just nonsense? I really need to know, especially if it says what i think it might.

Thanks for any help.

updated DIC 19, 2009
posted by brokenheartedgal

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It's really Spanish, but probably not anyone's who is fluent in the language. He mixes his familiar and formal words which is the sign of a beginning student. ( I know, because I do it all the time). Also he doesn't always conjugate his verbs correctly even when using present tense indicative which even I can usually master.

If you understood parts of it, then you should have let us know what you did and didn't understand. We're not here to translate messages for you, but to help you to learn how to read them by yourself.

I love you. I want you. next part is incorrect, probably something to the effect that he needs you. Stay with me. I want to marry you (incorrectly stated so hold out for a better proposal). Let me paraphrase the next part hoping that I misunderstood it. I want you to be with me forever. Come to me, be with me.

You're correct, It says what you hoped that it might. You hooked him. Now reel him in.

updated DIC 19, 2009
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posted by 0074b507
Sorry! I only know 'te amo' because he's said that before, the rest is not anything I know. The online translators sort of gave that as a translation, but it mostly just gave words, not really phrases that made sense. - brokenheartedgal, DIC 19, 2009
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