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¿está o hay?


Which is the right way to say this?

1.Dónde está la sección de fumar? o Dónde hay la sección de fumar? Or does it matter? Now I think it's ahi. The more I think about it the worse it gets.hehe.

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You should form the second question this way:

¿Dónde hay una sección de fumar? - You want to know actually if there is any section/compartment for smoking people (and if it is, where it can be found).

¿Dónde está la sección de fumar? - You know that such section/compartment exists and you want to know where exactly.

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You would use sentence #1. The word "hay" means there are/there is, so your sentence #2 would make no sense. You could say " ¿Hay un sección de fumar?

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