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A fun new translation practice for all begins... Song of the Week


I thought it would be fun, to have a piece of some lyrics for a song to translate every week, like a song of the week. This is something that I intend to do every Friday, and everyone can post their translations, and of course the most accurate will be accepted the following Monday. My idea focusses around practice with vocabulary, in general, and, from different dialects, creating a universal understanding of spanish. Also with music being an art you'll learn phrases, metaphors, and similes that sometimes can't be broken down that are commonly used. I'm hope this will serve as a beneficial and fun practice for all. Suggestions and comments are welcome. grin

Ok, so here's round one, week one. You'll get the name of the song and the artist but remember cheating the game only cheats yourself. wink

Yo Te Quiero by Wisin y Yandel

(Hace un año que no se de ella) (Hace un año que cambien mis amistades) (Que amigos como un peso en el bolsillo) (Por sus comentarios perdi a la mujer que amo) (Hace un año que no como lo mismo) (Y da la casualidad que, chico...)

Ayer la vi (Loco por ir donde ella) Solita y me desespero (Oye bebe) Señorita, tu sabes que por ti me muero (Los Vaqueros) Dejame hablarte (Dejame hablarte ma'!) Deja orientarte (Chica) Que desde aquella noche en que lo hicimos siento que te quiero

Yo te quiero (Oye bebe) Tu me quieres (Si yo te quiero) Entonces por que ya no vienes (Vuelve) Si sabes que por ti me muero Yo te quiero (Oye bebe) Tu me quieres Entonces por que ya no vienes Si sabes que por ti me muero (Ja!)

Ya ni como ni vacilo con el combo Te propongo, del problema llegar al fondo Tu amor en mi llego muy hondo Mami vuelve pronto, en la situacion yo fui tonto Y sigo aqui comiendome un cagado Como si fuera vulnerable Lo nuestro es inevitable La carne de comer no son palpables Intocables Estar contigo es algo saludable!

Tu Amigo,

DJ Huero ((( d(-_-)b )))

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posted by DJ_Huero

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Hi DJ. I think if you tried shorter translations you might get more people interested.

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posted by --Mariana--
i guess...excerpts would work...the song is so good though. well...here goes nothing... - DJ_Huero, DIC 20, 2009
:-) - --Mariana--, DIC 20, 2009

The winner will get a downloadable copy of the CD. big surprise ooooh, stakes are made more interesting...you have a chance now to recieve 30 rep poins and a CD....don't get prizes like that in any other game. Any participants now? grin

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posted by DJ_Huero

This song has been my number 1 song for nearly a year now- I've been listening to it whenever I've had the chance. Rakata is my favourite though. Anyway....I know the meaning of all the lyrics- so I won't spoil it for Spanish learners. What I will say is this:

The title means, 'I want you' and the first verse translates to:

It's been a long time since I saw her it's been a long time wishing to kiss her, to touch her, to fuss over her but she went away without saying godbye and... I sincerely miss you (and it so happens that... boy...)

updated DIC 20, 2009
posted by Seb79
yes indeed, this song is one of the best. Rakata got them alot of their fame, but lets take back underground. The song Dembow is a classic! =) - DJ_Huero, DIC 18, 2009
you think this one is too hard Seb79? - DJ_Huero, DIC 19, 2009
I think in terms of translation, its quite simple- for me, but for others it may be difficult. I haven't posted the whole translation because I want others to try and send their own translation....It's quite easy for me. - Seb79, DIC 20, 2009
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