When do you use the punctuation

When do you use the punctuation


When do you use that thing over the e or i and over n in some words?áéíóúñ These things. Are there rules about when to use them and when not to?

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posted by Tarazza-Robinson

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There are two Reference Pages that will help you to understand the tilde marks (accent marks) common to the Spanish language. Read them both:

About Stress and Emphasis on Syllables, and

About Tildes (accents).

If you still have questions after reading these, please just ask away with your new question(s). It might be better then to open a new question window for your new question(s).

I hope these will be a big help to you, but, they may not be everything you want or need to know.

Good luck in this study and review.

Mejor Recuerdos/Best Regards,


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posted by Moe

When to accent words will come in a later lesson. Keep them up and you will get there. As for the ñ (en-yah), it is completely different from the n. They are two separate letters and are not interchangable. If a word has an n, it will always have the n, if it has the ñ, it will always have the ñ.

Keep up the lessons...they're a big help! wink

updated DIC 18, 2009
posted by gadjetman
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