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what are the ar preterite verbs?


a-r preterite verbs for these



el ella usted



ellos ellas ustedes

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Here is a link to our Reference Page about the preterit tense of verbs ----> Preterit.

You'll see about 1/3rd of the way down the page the endings for all the AR verbs. Its in a table that also shows the ER and IR verbs. You'll need that later anyway when you get to those verbs so it will be good to know how to find them later.

I hope this is a help to you now and later when you do the other verbs.

Enjoy the Reference Page.

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The regular verb preterite forms are as follows: Verbs ending in -ar: such as amar, saltar é aste ó amos asteis aron

Verbs ending in -er or -ir: such as creer, querer, sentir, reir
é iste ió imos isteis ieron

El pretérito es el tiempo pasado y en español hay dos The preterit is the past tense and in Spanish there are two: perfect e imperfect.

1.- Verb - Montar

1.1.- Pretérito Perfecto: Nosotros montamos a caballo. 1.2.- Pretérito Imperfecto: Nostros montábamos a caballo.

2.- Verb - Sacar

2.1.- Pretérito Perfecto: Nosotros sacamos fotos. 2.2.- Pretérito Imperfecto: Nosotros sacábamos fotos.

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Enter any verb (indefinite) into the diciontary translator (the box at the top of this page) and it will porvide every form of the word in Spanish. Simply scroll down to the cojugatioin box near the bottom of the page.

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