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¿Como se dice “production” en espanól?


I know production is producción in espanól.
But I cannot tell how the speaker on spanish dict website dictionary is pronouncing the first c in producción. Is it a soft c like s or a hard c like k? Is there a rule to go by when the two c's are together like that?

updated DIC 17, 2009
posted by Maria-Russell

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The first "C" is hard like "K" and second "C" soft like "S" and all "CC' combinations are pronounced this way. "Pro-dook-see-own"

updated DIC 17, 2009
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posted by 005faa61
Thanks. Well, I tried. I also listened to the pronunciation in the dictionary. It seemed rushed and it was very hard to hear the "k." - 0057ed01, DIC 17, 2009

Good question, well phrased.

And the answer is: it's a soft "c."

Further, usually, 2 "c's" are soft - at least, from my experience.

But I wouldn't be surprised to learn there are exceptions.

updated DIC 17, 2009
posted by 0057ed01
Wrong! See ezrider's answer... - 0057ed01, DIC 17, 2009
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