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En Ingles, "put the bow on the package this way" cuál es correcta? -poner la cinta en el paquete de esta forma -poner la cinta en el paquete de este modo -poner la cinta en el paquete de esta manera

updated DIC 17, 2009
posted by artinstead
Good question. - --Mariana--, DIC 17, 2009
It is a very good question. I get confused with the same issue and am most inclined to use "manera," which also applies to behaving nicely. - 0057ed01, DIC 17, 2009

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Wow. Interesting question. I thought about it for a few minutes, then realized that I didn't have enough experience to pick out any subtle differences, if there were any. But I checked WR and found this thread about modo, manera, forma

According to those who contributed to that thread, it appears that the conclusion is: "There is virtually no difference."

Thanks for asking such an intriguing question. smile

updated DIC 17, 2009
posted by chaparrito

A very timely question for me, too.

I recently took a trip into Mexico with a native speaker who knows very little English.

I kept using "modo" to describe how my "mood" changes as soon as I enter Mexico.

He nodded as if he understood me. But I see now that I should have used "Mi humor cambia cuando estoy aquí."

Along with "Siento más tranquilo" to describe the transformation that always occurs.

Live and learn...

updated DIC 17, 2009
posted by 0057ed01
"Live and learn"....exactly! - --Mariana--, DIC 17, 2009

They look pretty interchangable don't they?The dictionary uses "al modo de" to express in this way.

updated DIC 17, 2009
posted by nizhoni1
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