What is a correct term for "Infinate Spirit of Fire" ?

What is a correct term for "Infinate Spirit of Fire" ?


I have decided to name my farm, but I do not know the correct terminology to use. I raise Peruvian horses, which are Spanish horses derived from Peru. I am trying to convey to others the term "Infinate Spirit of Fire" because they have a fire in them that I have found in no other. But not a raging fire, not an uncontrollable fire, not a destructive fire. Just an eternal flame of pride and honour that exudes from them in every movement. Please, could someone help me with the correct term? Somehow help me convey the three things, Infinity, Spirit, (or soul), and Fire (or flame).

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alt text Chaosranch:

Alferraro has broken the ice and from his suggestions I wondered if you might like to let your imagination go a little loose and free. So I looked at some synonyms, in English, for some of the words you or Alferraro used and wondered how you would like made up words?? Consider, in English, "Noble Spirit", which you could, in a poetic way, translate to Spanish as:




You might play with other synonyms in Spanish to see if you can run other words together in an enduring and respectful way. It's just a thought. Maybe it will open a new form of lateral thinking.

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Infinito Espíritus de Fuego


Espíritus de Fuego Infinito

I personally would use the second form, since it has a stronger connotation as to their Spirit. In other words their Spirit is on Fire for Eternity. And if you noticed I added an S to the en of Espíritus denoting many spirits since you have many horses, something that kind of gets lost in the first form.

Please accept my apologies for correcting you, but your word Infinate is misspelled it should be INFINITE.

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alferraro, what do you think about using eterno for this? I think it has a nice mystical sound to it. - Brett1971, DIC 15, 2009
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