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what does hasta maqana,mua mean


"hasta maqana,mua" i said hasta manana and this is what he replied..

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Until machine.... lol. I think he meant to say hasta manaña back but mispelled.

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Maqana actually DOES NOT MEAN ANYTHING in Spanish. This non-word has become colloquial text messaging language due to a phone error. If you send someone the word mañana via text the n with the tilde does not always translate sometimes defaulting to the letter q.

How I discovered this: A dear, native-Spanish-speaking friend of mine would always text me "hasta maqana" or "voy a ir maqana" ... she always uses Monterrey regional slang;I figured that was the case with "maqana"...so, when I was speaking with her in Spanish, I tried to drop "maqana" mid-sentence to be cool, and she said "¿Mande? ¿Que es maqana?" I said, "YOU TELL ME! You say it all the time."

Finally, after a little Science-Fair-style hypothesizing we came to this conclusion:

I have a Motorola Droid on Verizon and my friend has an AT&T iPhone. When my friend with the iPhone sends me the word "mañana" it comes through on my phone as "maqana".

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Book became slang for cool in English as that is the first word that T9 suggests when you key in the word cool... - afowen, FEB 11, 2011

Agree with jeezzle.

And 'muah' is a kiss sound. El sonido de un beso.

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maqana is an alternate for mañana. mua = the sound of a kiss as noted above.

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Where do they use "maquana" / "macana" ("maqana" should definately be wrong)? - samdie, NOV 12, 2010
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