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Short essay, paragraph 1


Here is a little something I am planning for my final. I don't know what the prompt will be yet, so I'm just coming up with ideas. Any corrections would be great. Here is the first of three paragraphs.

Mi suplemento favorito de este semestre era la película El hijo de la novia, que miramos para el tema de Familia y Amistad. Es una película Argentina que cuenta el relato de Rafael Belvedere. El pasa por la crisis de la mediana edad. Su madre está en un hospital porque ella sufre de Mal de Alzheimer. También es dueño de un restaurante y trabaja muchísimo. Por estas razones, hay mucho estrés en su vida. El estrés causa síntomas físicas y conflictos con sus seres queridos.

My favorite supplement (I didn't know what word to use here.) of this semester was the movie El hijo de la novia, that we watched for the theme of Familia y Amistad. It is a Argentinian movie that tells the story of Rafael Belvedere. He is going through a midlife crisis. His mother is in a hospital because she suffers from Alzheimer's disease. He is also the owner of a restaurant and works very much. For these reasons, there is much stress in his life. The stress is causing physical symptoms and conflicts with his loved ones.

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I would say "is" the movie in your first sentence to go along with using the present to describe the movie.

a(n) Argentinian is incorrect for our English students.

queridos can be a noun. (personas amadas) so I don't think that you need to say "seres queridos"

Él pasa...(not El)

es dueño (Spanish saved you since we know the owner must be masculine). You would have had a problem in English, because you talked about him, then his mother, and then returned to him without giving a clue to whom you were then discussing (he or his mother is the owner and works hard).

updated DIC 13, 2009
posted by 0074b507
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