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what does "conbenecieros" mean?


Como siempre hombres conbenecieros , that is the context it was used in a text message. I understand " Como siempre hombres" means " As usual men". I have search the net and found the word "conbenecieros" used a few places but I still don't understand what the word means.

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The word is spelled wrong,should have a v not a b =conventioneers in English.

I don't think that this is correct because "conventioneers" is "congresistas" in Spanish. Also, in the original context, the word is used like an adjective and not a noun (which is what conventioneers would be).

I do agree that it's probably misspelled, but I think that it might by "convenenciero" which according to the RAE is an adjective that means:

Que solo atiende a sus conveniencias, sin otras miras ni preocupaciones - used to describe one that only looks after their own conveniences without other thoughts or worries

The Pequeño Larousse defines it as:

Que sólo busca su conveniencia, egoísta - that only looks out for his own convenience (interests), and egotist.

This would make the passage:

Como siempre hombres conbenecieros

As usual egotistical men... or As usual self-serving men...

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That beats my guess that I didn't have the guts to post: hombres con beneficios. jejeje - Goyo, DIC 12, 2009

The word is spelled wrong,should have a v not a b =conventioneers in English.

updated DIC 12, 2009
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