how do you translate "canon law"?

how do you translate "canon law"?


canon law refers to official books of the bible.

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Hi Cmando and welcome to the forum,

I think that you may be over-thinking this question. The word canon in both English and Spanish can be used to "law or body of laws in a church," and is often used in Christianity to describe an official list of books accepted by the church (or religious body) as genuine from which the "law" stems.

All this means is that the word "law" in the phrase "canon law" is redundant as what you are likely referring to is the Canon/law espoused in the Bible which would probably be something along the lines of:

Canon de las Sagradas Escrituras (law of the bible)

la regla de la fe (faith)

la regla de la verda (truth)

la regla de la tradición (tradition)

la regla de la vida cristiana o de la disciplina eclesiástica (Christian life)

Each of these that uses the word "regla/law" used Kanon (canon) in the original Greek.

You might also find these links useful: http://www.conocereislaverdad.org/canon.htm


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