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una pregunta -Rastro y aperitivo


Hello everyone, I would like to ask the meaning of "Rastro y aperitivo con Andres "

It's written in the agenda sheet, i have looked up in the dictionary , but not really sure about the meaning, hope someone can help , thanks very much.

updated DIC 12, 2009
posted by damazcuz

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Hi Damaz,

What kind of an agenda sheet do you have? Rastro is a well-known flea market in Madrid, so if you are travelling there, I would guess that Andres is going to give a tour of it and there will be a snack (or appetizer - aperitivo).

El Rastro

Hope it's fun, whatever it is!

updated DIC 12, 2009
edited by kattya
posted by kattya
Kattya, thx for your explanation ! I didn;t know Rastro is a special name , now i got it , thx v much ! - damazcuz, DIC 12, 2009
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