Tengo una pregunta sobre las letras siguientes en español:

  • h - I thought it was silent. Should the h in huevos be pronounced?
  • z - I thought it always was unvoiced. Is perezoso pronounced like "peresoso"?
  • v - I thought it was more like a fuzzy b than an English v. Is that correct?

Thank you!

¡Mil grácias!

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2 Answers


You're right....the "h" is always silent and "z" sounds like "s" in Latin American countries.

Regarding the "v" -- it has no different sound than the "b" in Spanish.

B and V are pronounced exactly the same. In fact, one of the few spelling problems that many Spanish speakers have is with these two letters, because they don't distinguish them at all from their sound.

The letters "b" and "v" .... Spanish no longer distinguishes between the sounds of these letters....


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That link is really good Marianne, thanks!

H is always silent.

V and B are pronounced the same: just like B in English.

In Latin American countries Z is pronounced just like the English S.

In peninsular Spanish, however, Z (and C followed by I or E) is pronounced as a soft TH. This is the so called Spanish lisp.

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