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Has anyone tried "agua de tuba" in Mexico? I have not, I have only seen it sold on the street by "tuberos". It sounds delicious, but we have a family rule that we don't eat food sold from street carts in Mexico. I have never seen it in a restaurant or in the Soriana.

Does anyone have any personal experience with "agua de tuba"?

updated MAY 5, 2011
posted by mountaingirl123
It is not alcoholic, it is very refreshing i had it once, best thing ever. It is home made so you cant find it at stores. - Mexico101, MAY 5, 2011

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It's a liquor made from the heart of palms. It'll knock your head off. Best to avoid it: its proof is extremely high.

By the way, I eat food sold from street carts in Mexico all the time. In fact I seek them out. When I see lots of locals clustering around one, I know that the food is not only delicious but very safe.

Food hygiene in Mexico is excellent.

(Not long ago, a Mexican friend refused to eat something I'd prepared. When I asked why, he said I'd petted my dog while chopping vegetables and failed to wash my hands when I continued. Full disclosure: I confess I do that all the time!)

Fearing food from street carts is, I think, unjustified. I've never suffered from food poisoning while in Mexico.

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Forgot to mention, aqua de tuba is bootleg liquor, as is a liquor made from cane sugar. - 0057ed01, DIC 10, 2009
gracias! - mountaingirl123, DIC 10, 2009
That was good about petting your dog - Mexicans would be appalled! - mountaingirl123, DIC 10, 2009
And watch out for the mezcal --that stuff will knock you into next week! lol - --Mariana--, DIC 10, 2009

Aqua de tuba is not a liquor. And if it is, not the kind I've experienced in Puerto Vallarta. Typically, its has a very refreshing nutty taste with a water-like consistency. It also contains pieces of nuts. Aqua de tuba is stored within a gourd so its heat resistant, like an ice pack! Aqua de tuba has been said to traditionally clean the kidneys and help prevent urinary tract problems. It is also reported to kill amoebas in the stomach.

updated MAY 5, 2011
posted by nattyg13
i had it in puerto vallarta also.. - Mexico101, MAY 5, 2011

Like so many words in México, agua de tuba can have many definitions, like all the meanings posted here.

I found one that translated it as coconut water.

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My husband and I were recently in Tuxpan Mexico on a Lions Clubs International Vision / Eyeglass Mission. On the Sunday that we were setting up the clinic, we were all sent out into the courtyard to take a break. They had a street vendor cart offering "tuba" (more properly "aqua de tuba") and "tejuino". Neither drink had any alcohol in it.

The "tuba" was a light, refreshing juice (kind of orangey in color) with chopped peanuts added. It was sweet tasting and very refreshing.

I passed on the "tejuino", after a taste of someone else's. It had a sour / salty taste. Ingredients included fresh-squeezed limes and salt and other ingredients that I don't remember.

In our admittedly limited experience, we have found that the 'locals' generally also drink bottled water and use it in making these types of beverages. Often for 'orange water' or 'lime water' type drinks.

updated MAR 7, 2011
posted by cmcfaith
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