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I type in a translation sentence or something and it will give me the word one, like i will look at the anwser on my papers and its not even close to the same, and i know my teacher is right, so your thing is off, if you dont anwser me then i will tell all my friends to stop using this.

To judge from your spelling, punctuation and grammar, I would assume that you are a "native speaker of English" and in your early teens. Your "type in a translation sentence" strongly suggest that you were accessing one (or more) of the machine translators (MT) that provide computer-generated translations. First and foremost, you should be aware (but appear not to be) that MT is still in its infancy. In passing, this is not the fault of the programmers that implement these translators (they are writing programs based on the "rules" that have been provide to them). The difficulty is that there is no one (ever, anywhere) who has been able to provide "infallible" rules for how to translate in general (specific words/phrases, yes, but not in the general case).

I'm not sure how you (as student) are so sure that your "is right" (are you really competent to make such a judgment). If someone else (who also teaches Spanish) were to offer a different opinion ...? In general, if you were to ask a dozen professional (human) translators about a given sentence (unless it were a very simple sentence), you would receive about half a dozen different responses, (translation is an art, not an exact science).

If you are, indeed, as young as I suspect, then you may live long enough to see consistently good results from MT but they are not available now nor are they, likely to be be in the next 10-20 years.

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Even the human brain often mistranslates the native language of it's owner. Observe the misunderstandings around you everyday. How can a computer be expected to get translations correct at this point? I think the translator does a good job, all things considered.

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enter a spanish oto judge from your spelling, punctuation and grammar, i would assur english word...

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