What does 'mundo rosa' mean?

What does 'mundo rosa' mean?



What does 'el mundo rosa' mean?

I know literally translated it means 'the pink world' but does it refer to some kind of abstract concept?

I found it in an article referring to celebrities and it was 'los personajes del mundo rosa'.

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I believe this relates to the celebrity world. where everything is perfect and expensive, everyone has a perfect record, nothing bad happens, etc. You know, the way the media portrays the famous people in the world. those people are and are part of "el mundo rosa"

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sweet. People actually approve of what I say on this site :D - snowstixs13, DIC 9, 2009
I love this site! It is such a great way to really learn a language - there is only so much you can learn using a dictionary! And it was a good answer so thanks! - kirstenalexander, DIC 9, 2009

It sounds as though it might stem from the same root idea as our english "rose-coloured glasses".

In other words, if you are looking at the world through rose coloured glasses, you only see the good parts - a "pink world"?

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That's funny I was wondering the same thing, Sheila...I was just considering posting another thread to ask whether the idiom "rose-colored glasses" or something similar existed in Spanish :) - Izanoni1, DIC 9, 2009
Yeah - I did wonder if that was the case as well! - kirstenalexander, DIC 9, 2009
You should do that - I'd like to know too. - sheila-foster, DIC 9, 2009

Nice post Kirsten, yes, that is the pink press world...el mundo rosa.

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