iPhone apps for Spanish

iPhone apps for Spanish


Can anyone recommend some apps for learning/practicing Spanish (besides the one for this site, which I have and is great!). Most of the ones I have seen are for beginners only. Gracias

updated MAR 19, 2011
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Byki (before you know it) have similar style flashcard apps for several different languages, but beyond that I don't know.


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Thanks! - 003487d6, DIC 10, 2009

I have been hoping that Spanishdict will make a flashcard app someday. Because none of the others I have seen come close. Having said that the Spanishdict app has a pretty good dictionary and the Word Game tool ain't to bad. The most useful app I have is the Oxford Spanish-English dictionary. A lot of words in there but its a little expensive. I also have a conjugation app that isn't particularly user friendly (or maybe I'm just thick)

The most useful thing on my ipod is the audio from Oxford University Press's Taking Off In Spanish cds. Between that and this website I haven't felt a need to look for much else.

Oh I also have the Accelastudy app which is ok.

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