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Quick advice about a translation (a bucear v. bucear)


I'm writing about my favorite activities and what I want to do this summer. As I write, I double check my answers with the translator (just to make sure I'm on the correct path).

I wrote, I want to learn to scuba dive this summer. Quiero aprender bucear este verano

When I double checked it the translator (on this site) came up with... Quiero aprender a bucear este verano.

I'm wondering is the (a = to) necessary since the infinitive form of bucear translates to (to scuba dive). I'm pretty sure that the (a) is not necessary, but I just want to make sure that I'm correct.


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posted by debdelafuente

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Verbs Followed by Infinitives

There are many, many verbs in Spanish that are followed by a preposition (usually a, de, or en) and an infinitive. Some of these include:

enseñar a to teach (something)

ir a> to go

to pensar en to think about

tener que to have to

tratar de to try to

aprender is one of these verbs

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Thank you. - debdelafuente, DIC 7, 2009

I recently made a set of flash cards of words related to scuba. You may want to check it out.

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posted by LaBurra
Where are they? They don't pull up when I search the flash cards. - Arturo987, DIC 7, 2009
Please try again. I had not checked the "Listed" box when I created the set, so only I had access to them. - LaBurra, DIC 7, 2009
Found them, very good but I don't think I'll ever get used to the one for BC. Snorkel was the easy one. :) - Yeser007, DIC 7, 2009

Quiero aprender a bucear este verano.

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posted by nila45

According to my grammar book, it is required.

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posted by kattya
Does your grammar book give an explanation? Wouldn't that translate to... (a bucear) to to scuba dive? - debdelafuente, DIC 7, 2009

I dive.....and yes, if you are not afraid of the water....go for itwink

Some mistakes in the scuba diving flashcards:

snorkel snorkel----we call that tuba or tubo in Spain

weight belt cinturón de plomos

hood capucha mask gafas------o máscara

emergency regulator pulpo

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Thanks for the corrections! I got those Spanish terms from a Canadian book. I've noticed that some of the terms in it are a little outdated or maybe regional. I will make the changes you suggest in the cards. Are there other words you would add? - LaBurra, DIC 9, 2009

I'm confused also because the translator will tell you "bucear=to scuba dive". And, by the way, it is an excellent idea, definately take the course, you'll never regret it.

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posted by Yeser007
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