Relief in my life :)

Relief in my life :)


So, only three more finals, two of which are Spanish. The other is a International Communication class, 328. Next semester I have permission to go only half time! This should cut down on my stress and allow me to spend more time with my family smile

Things are going better in my classes and it is snowing here in Colorado. We put up our Holiday tree (I don't mean to offend anybody, please!!!!!) and made the decorations like we do every year. We are also learning of new cultures this time of year.

How are your families?

(I hope this is not abuse, I needed to unload!)

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It's your choice to put up a tree and nobody would be offended by that! I decorated a very large lamp and that was my choice! :P - 003487d6, DIC 6, 2009

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My family right now is my animals. Most of them are alpacas.One of them had a baby and I didnt even know she was pregnant. It was born outside in the wind in 14 degrees.I found it when it was about an hour old and it has been touch and go since then. Twice I thought she was dead. RIght now I am looking at her sitting up with a jacket on with her cute baby alpaca look. SHe has been unable to nurse and mom is starting to reject her.I am hoping she makes it until tomorrow and I can get a little help from the vet. I do think I will be bottlefeeding her. A first for me in the 4 years with these animals. I have only had one cria death that was born live. They are like angels to me when they are so young and it is hard to know when to stop or if I have done too much and they were just meant to peek at this world then go to sleep.

I started this as a project with someone who is now gone. SOmetimes it is very difficult to do this alone.

Reread this and it looks so egocentric. Sunshinezmom I am glad things are easing up for you.The cria is warming up and trying to run in here now. A good problem.

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It sounds like you're doing a great job! - --Mariana--, DIC 6, 2009
Thanks Marianne. - nizhoni1, DIC 6, 2009
Oh, wow!! I really want to work with animals.....I think what you are doing is great!! 94% of my energy towards your little baby :) - sunshinzmommie, DIC 6, 2009
If she makes it I wll post a picture of her.Thanks Sunshinzmom - nizhoni1, DIC 6, 2009
Oh please do!!! - sunshinzmommie, DIC 6, 2009

Nice work smile You're probably one of the hardest working (if not the one who works hardest) here on SpainshDict. And I suppose you need a bit of a break. I'll have like 2 weeks off at the time of Christmas and New Year and I'm really looking forward to it. I'l make up some friends meetings and spend more time with the most adorable child on Earth wink

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I didn't know that you were visiting!!! - sunshinzmommie, DIC 6, 2009
Thank you, that means a lot!! - sunshinzmommie, DIC 6, 2009
VIsiting what/who, sunshine? :) - Issabela, DIC 6, 2009
I thought you must be visiting me, since I have the most adorable child on Earth :) jeje :) - sunshinzmommie, DIC 6, 2009
lol - --Mariana--, DIC 6, 2009

If anyone is offended by your tree then I give up.

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I know! lol - --Mariana--, DIC 6, 2009

Whew...you're close to the end! It'll be nice that you can go half-time next semester to reduce you're stress.

People are starting to put up lights and play Christmas songs here in Massachusetts, too. I don't mind now that it's December -- it's when they start pushing Christmas before Thanksgiving that bothers me!

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posted by --Mariana--
I agree, take it one holiday at a time!! :) How are you? - sunshinzmommie, DIC 6, 2009
I'm great, thanks! Going on vacation to Mexico in three weeks... Yippee!! - --Mariana--, DIC 6, 2009
I am so envious!!!!! - sunshinzmommie, DIC 6, 2009
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