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What's the difference between "ver a alguien" and "ver alguien" Is there a difference?

updated NOV 25, 2010
posted by layann

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you need the "a"...that's the gramatically correct way of saying "to see somebody" the "a" is what we call a "personal a" and it does not translate to English. You use it when a PERSON (or someone with person-like qualities, like a pet) is the direct object of a verb.

I saw Mrs. Smith.

Yo vi a Señora Smith. The 'a' does not translate.

If you wanted to say "I saw the school" you don't need the "a" because the school isn't a person.

Yo vi la escuela.

updated DIC 8, 2009
posted by mgrisell

Hi Layann.

"Ver a alguien" is correct.

That's an example of the "Personal A," which isn't used in English so it's a bit confusing. Here's an article that may clear it up a bit for you.

updated NOV 25, 2010
posted by --Mariana--
That was a good article. Thanks, Marianne.