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Whats the rule for Vosotros?


i dont understand what the difference is, nosotros and vosotros? How wold you say Poder with vosotros? Querer? Hacer?

updated OCT 26, 2010
posted by splat101

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Nosotros means we and vosotros is form for you plural and vosotros is used only in Spain. In other countries is used ustedes. And Vosotros podéis, vosotros Queréis and vosotros hacéis

updated DIC 6, 2009
posted by ljubep

When I think of vosotros, I think of y'all. It has the same meaning...you referring to more than one person and it is informal. You would never refer to a teacher, parent, law enforcement, or really anyone you didn't know very well using vosotros. It really is a person that you could avoid using if you did not want to use it.

updated DIC 6, 2009
posted by luhzon89
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