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Why did my word of the day email stop coming?


I signed up for the Word of the Day email and i had it for a few days. The past week I haven't gotten any Word of the Day emails. How can I fix this?

updated DIC 16, 2013
posted by Destinogirl15
Same here, received the last one on 12/2 :( - rado, DIC 6, 2009
I've not had word for almost a year and yesterday I re-registered for it and it came...Roadrunner couldn'thelp me; neverheard back from this site...just have to keep entering your email addy... - chuckhunter, JUN 26, 2010

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OK, I've just checked with another friend of mine who's learning Spanish, and he also received the last "word of the day" email on December 02. It seems like something broke, because the twitter feed also stopped on Dec 02: http://twitter.com/spanishdict

Here on the site, word of the day widget still works properly and displays a new word each day. I've tried to re-subscribe, but it just told me I'm already subscribed...

Can somebody please look into this?


updated DIC 16, 2013
posted by rado
Same here, mine stopped December 11, 2013. - besquivel5, DIC 16, 2013
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