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What is the Mexican slang word for laborers who cross the U.S./Mexican border illegally?

updated DIC 5, 2009
posted by Bruce-DeLaney

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Are you looking for a Spanish version of "wetback" or similar terms? You mention laborer. Are you talking about a day laborer, an undocumented laborer (who could have crossed legally), a seasonal (migrant) worker, or someone who illegally immigrates to find a better job and lifestyle, someone who crossed legally and then stayed illegaly?

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Mexicans use "mojados" to describe undocumented workers. "Mojados" means "Wetbacks." (To me, personally, "Wetback" is as derogatory as is "Kike," "Wap," "Spic," and the "N-word.")

Mexicans also use "illegales," less frequently.

When I see them here in southern Arizona, I address them as "Señor, Señora" (etc.) and "Amigo" when they are in desperate need of help.

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"Indocumentado" is the normal word used in México. - Mokay, DIC 5, 2009

Although this has less to do with laborers, "coyotes" is a (more or less) slang term for someone who does one or both of the following:

  1. Smuggles drugs across the border (This is the main use for the word)
  2. People who make a living by leading people across the border. (this has other names as well, but the word "coyote" is less commonly used to describe this group of people)

I cannot remember some of the other terms for the people who lead people across the border right now, but, I think I remember reading about it online at the Border Patrol site. Hope this helps!

updated DIC 5, 2009
posted by JCameron
Polero is also common hereabouts... - 0057ed01, DIC 5, 2009
"Pollero". - Mokay, DIC 5, 2009
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