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Affectionate Terms for Children


I've seen the thread on affectionate terms for your daughter, but I'm wondering what are some affectionate terms I could use with all children-- even children I have not met. Like here in the U.S., When interacting with a child (regardless of relation) we often call them "hun", "hunny", "dear", "sweetie", etc.

What are some like terms for Spanish? If there is any regional differences, I would prefer to know Mexican Spanish terms.

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Buena pregunta. A mi me gustaría saber también. :-) - chaparrito, DIC 2, 2009

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Some words used in México:

  • angelito
  • tesoro
  • mi rey
  • diablito/diablillo
  • princesa (solo a niñas)
  • chamaco
  • escuincle
updated FEB 18, 2011
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Can you call your 'escuincles' *hediondos*, pero sin malicia? - cristalino, FEB 18, 2011
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