Would Listen to bands like

Would Listen to bands like


How would I say listen to bands like Pink Floyd?

Escucharía (need to use conditional) a las bandas...?

Thanks in advance

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escucharía a las bandas como pink floyd.

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posted by maraki2011
Thank you ver much maraki nakamura! - rooky, DIC 2, 2009
nothing!!!do u like really pink floyd??or you used them only as an example??? - maraki2011, DIC 27, 2009

What exactly do you mean by (need to use conditional)? Is this an assignment and you need to create sentences using the conditional tense? The conditional tense works well with "if clauses".

Be careful, however, that you don't think that using the auxilary word would with the verb makes it conditional.

I would listen to Pink Floyd for hours just to while away the time is not conditional upon anything.

I would listen to the bands if... is conditional.

I would listen to the bands every summer. to express habitual routine is imperfect, not conditional tense.

For instance I do not believe the answer that you accepted is correct. As a matter of routine, you should not accept answers until they have been verified by a least one other member. Many of us are beginners here and provide replies that we are not certain of, but we are practicing, hoping someone more proficient will follow up and correct any errors that we made.

Just ask Heidita. She follows me around with a broom and dust pan sweeping up my messes.

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