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How to say: X or C贸mo se dice X...Is It Really Bad?


I know it's like a huge rule about not putting "How to say" or "Como se dice" in the title of a translation request, but, I submit that not only is it natural but that it is also actually helpful to include such a phrase in the title.

Now, it is a bit annoying if that is ALL that is in the title, because then you must click on it to see what needs to be translated and it can be difficult to later find it by title if there are several such thread, but consider how many threads we have where the phrase is ALL we have and we sit and wonder are they trying to tell us something or to ask us a question, when, in reality, they want the mysterious phrase translated but did not actually ever put the phrase "How to say" or "Como se dice" anywhere in the title or text.

Plus, if it is in the title, I know immediately it is a translation thread (some titles seem initially very interesting...but you click on it just to discover it is a translation request.)

A case in point. At the time of this writing, no one really knows what the poster desires. A translation? A chat buddy? Instructions in basic conversation skills? A list of common phrases? Paralee's first video lesson?

I suggest that a proper translation request would in fact include the words "How do you say: " or "Cómo se dice: " in the title as well as the desired phrase. The body of the post could be left blank or could provide additional context.


How do you say: "This pizza is cold?"

¿Cómo se dice: "Esta pizza tiene frío"?

What does everyone else think?

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¡Estoy de acuerdo! grin Siempre yo escribo las palabras ¿Cómo se dice? o How do you say? enfrente de la pregunta que quiero preguntar, y no solamente en este foro!

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posted by june10

HI web, no, this is not necessary and we mention that in the rules of this site.

The request for a translation or something else should appear in the body of the message, NOT the title.

Thread titles must include all or part of the word/phrase being addressed. (Avoid phrases like "translation please", "how do I say this",

This is not open to discussion.

Thanks for understanding.grin

updated DIC 2, 2009
posted by 00494d19
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