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I am studying for my Spanish final and was having a hard time with only one question on the study guide. I am to fill in the blanks. Can someone help me. The sentence is:

Pedro tiene una "C" en español, Andrea una "B" y Antonio una "A". Pedro es ------- --------------- ------- los tres y Antonio es------- ----------------- --------los tres.


updated DIC 2, 2009
posted by monique26208

3 Answers


I would say:

Pedro es el peor de los tres y Antonio es el mejor de los tres. grin

updated DIC 2, 2009
posted by Carlos-F
thanks i believe this is right because of mejor.. - monique26208, DIC 2, 2009
gets my vote - 0074b507, DIC 2, 2009

el más tonto de would, indeed, require 4 spaces. So shorten it. es el mayor de and es el menor de

It would help to know what the A,B,C was to decide if this is the context we're talking about.

updated DIC 2, 2009
edited by 0074b507
posted by 0074b507
the A, B, C is the grade they have in spanish..thanks - monique26208, DIC 2, 2009
How stupid of me. I thought they were placeholders. - 0074b507, DIC 2, 2009

Pedro es lo peor de los tres y Antonio es lo mejor de los tres.

updated DIC 2, 2009
posted by kenwilliams
" el peor" and "el mejor". - samdie, DIC 2, 2009
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