And how do you manage with foreign languages?

And how do you manage with foreign languages?


Hi everybody.

I'm a native Russian speaker. I am new here but I must say that Spanish is the fourth foreign language for me. I have no language environment, the only language spoken in our area is Russian. I have litle opportunity to practice with native speakers: once or twice a year I meet with a foreigner. So, this is my story. Hope it'll help you to acquire self-confidence in learning foreign languages.

My first foreign language was English. I started learning it when I was 9 and needed all my life to lean it. And although I'm an English teacher now, I'm still learning it. It is so fascinating to speak and understand, to discover a language, that once seemed an uncomprehensible cluster of sounds and letters, that I decided to dedicate my life to learning languages. This one was a hard nut to crack!

The second was Latin. A lot of learning, a little understanding. The result isn't satisfying: I hardly know anything except Latin derivative elements and several proverbs)))

The third was German. Terrible grammar. I've been learning it for 6 years now. I understand almost everything, but cannot say much. Of course I can communicate with German speakers, but if I have an opportunity, I try to switch to English.

I'm just a beginner in Spanish but I must admit that it's the only language I studied I have no trouble with (so far). It gives me great pleasure and I enjoy every sound of it. And the grammar is so understandable compared to German)))

In conclusion I'd like to emphasize that any foreign language can be difficult and boring if you don't like it but need to learn it. Or, on the contrary, learning a foreign language can be the most exciting experience in life and in this case any difficulty may seem insignificant because you have a goal and you are striving for it.

What is your experience in language learning?

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posted by Sunny_spring

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Hi Sunny, welcome to SpanishDict smile

I'm also a teacher of English and I used to learn French and German, but I quit some time ago. That's why I can only understand some basic phrases and words. Do I regret it? Yes, to some extent. But I must admit that I just fell in love with Spanish and it's a great pleasure learning it (especially here and I hope you'll discover it as well, and join us for longer).

Knowing my native language (Polish) and English helps me a lot. That's because, suprisingly, I found a lot of cognates in Polish and Spanish, as well as in English and Spanish. The same is with grammar: some features are shared by Spanish and my mother tongue, others by Spanish and English.

I don't know whether it'll be possible to study in depth other languages (though I do think of French and Italian), but a thought has crossed my mind: what next? Maye I'll decide to take a Spanish university course?

I really admire you (and envy a bit) for your love of languages.Way to go!

updated DIC 2, 2009
posted by Issabela
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