How do I write Commands using direct and indirect pronouns?

How do I write Commands using direct and indirect pronouns?


I need to know how to say these in the usted form using direct and indirect pronouns

Come Tomorrow! Do not eat fast food! Eat seafood!

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You could probably put these in the conjugator.

Venga mañana. (usted)

Vengan mañana. (ustedes)

No venga mañana.

No vengan mañana.

The affirmative and negative, formal command (usted) uses the 3rd person, present tense, subjunctive mood verb form.

You try the others and re-post your attempt.

Oops! re-read your question. Your example didn't have a pronoun so I omitted the answer.

The object pronouns are appended to the affirmative command and precede the negative command. Remember to keep the command's stress on the same syllable as it was before appending the pronoun(s). This usually entails using an accent mark.

Vuélvase mañana. (these are reflexive pronouns, not object pronouns)

Regrésese mañana

No la coma. (Don't eat it...la comida basura.)

Cómalos. (Eat it...los mariscos)

Démelo. (Give it to me) affirmative command

No me lo dé. (Don't give it to me) (negative command)

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Come Tomorrow! (Venga Ud. mañana) Do not eat fast food! (No coma Ud. comida rápida) Eat seafood! (Coma Ud. pescados y mariscos)

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You didn't use pronouns either. We're not answering his question. - 0074b507, DIC 1, 2009

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This looks like your first entry in the Forum. Welcome. Now that you have your feet wet we hope you will vist here more often.

We have a reference page that may help with your question. You will find the Reference Page by "clicking" on this link ----> Usted/Ustedes Formal Imperative.

Remember as Qfreed has said in his reply, if you still have questions after reviewing these answers, just post a new entry in on of the reply windows here or open a whole new question window.



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