Is Borinquen the same as Borinquena?


Is Borinquen the same as Borinquena? Why is it capitalized? I am reading a story by a Puerto Rican author.

"El Borinquen partió aquella misma tarde, alejándose como una pequeña ciudad de luces blancas por la boca del Morro.

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Marianne's answer is a very close shot (and informative), but in reference to as the author is using the is describing a person from that island. Usually they're called "Boricua", but maybe this is a more masculine description being used. grin

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I wondered that too -- whether it's a masculine form of "Boricua."
So the answer is they are not the same. One refers to a male, the other to a female from Puerto Rico.
yes I believe so qfreed.

I found this:

Puerto Ricans often call their island Borinquen.

Borinqueña appears to be the national anthem of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

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