on my own = by myself?

on my own = by myself?


I would like to know if "on my own" is interchangeable with "by myself". Thank you.

updated DIC 1, 2009
posted by nila45

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As a native speaker, I cannot think of any expression you would use where both phrases cannot be interchanged: "on my own" or "by myself".

I was drinking on my own / I was drinking by myself

I fixed it on my own / I fixed it by myself.

I had dinner on my own / I had dinner by myself

I went running on my own / I went running by myself

updated DIC 1, 2009
posted by 00f2b5a1
hmmm, for some reason on my own sounded better to me, well, confirmed then , you can say both:) - 00494d19, DIC 1, 2009

Mira, esta es la definición que dan en WR, me parece buena:

do sth on your own (do sth by yourself, without help)

hacer algo por su cuenta loc verb

It's about time you get your own place and learn to live on your own/by yourself.

Sin embargo, si es a solas, ya me parece más difícil.

He was sitting there on his own drinking.

He was sitting there by himself drinking?? ( please confirm somebodywink)

A mí me suena mejor con on his own. Vamos a esperar.

updated DIC 1, 2009
posted by 00494d19
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