Study Abroad - best country/place to visit?

Study Abroad - best country/place to visit?


I found out that I need to travel abroad, to get my minor in spanish. I will be traveling and studying in a different country during the month of January for the next 4 years.I need suggestions on where I can have the most culture and language encounters, so that I can learn to speak Spanish fluently while learning more about foreign culture.

One thing i really want to know about is the festivals and holidays that happen in different countries during January. I am not familiar with any other than New Year's Day...

Give me ideas of places... or different events to go see...

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buenos aires! i had so much fun studying abroad there. but if you're looking for a month long immersion program, i would highly recommend ICADS in costa rica near san jose. in one month (i actually went last january) i learned so so much spanish. you should check it out!

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Thanks. I will defenitely look into that!!! Gotta love traveling - singer4christ, DIC 1, 2009
Costa Rica is a great place to learn spanish, and January is their "good" season. I lived their for a bit and loved all of it. - ShaneCope, DIC 1, 2009
Please use proper English capitalization for the pronoun I, names of countries and cities, months and languages. People use this site to learn English, too. Thanks! - Jubilado, JUN 4, 2013

Hi there,

Well if you are thinking about packing up for further studying in another country, you are not alone. The institute of International education reports that over 300,000 American student study abroad every year. I think the best option would be Australia. Studying in Australia does not require you to learn a new language, but there are still many new phrases and meanings for you to discover during your study period.

For more information about this trip you can check out Kosher Travelers website as they will provide you all the information and help you out in travelling there as well.

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I live in Australia mate , and would not recommend coming here to study , apart from it being one of the most expensive places to live , the opportunity to speak Spanish is zilch unless you are very lucky ,language schools charge like wounded bulls. - ray76, JUN 4, 2013
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