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Why not practise with a study buddy


For everyone who doesn't already i'm inviting you to try practising your language with a study buddy. Post below your name and your spoken language and request someone who speaks the language your learning. Its the best way to learn. You can talk live for free with skype. Try using your language for 30mins then swop and practise their language. I highly recommend it.. I have spoken with a few people on skype from different countries and it really does help with your confidence. You don't need to know alot of the language for this to work as you will learn from trying it. It will help both parties.. Try it today..

If you don't already have skype you can download it Here

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I don't understand why this is spam? Sounds like a good idea to me. - sheila-foster, NOV 29, 2009
The word is practice. - Alicia-53, NOV 29, 2009
In the UK the spell it with an S instead of a C. Practise/ practice - Goyo, NOV 29, 2009
Is this the first time someone has earned a Good Question badge on question flagged as spam? jejeje - Goyo, NOV 29, 2009

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This thread has died down but I'd like to revive it.

I want to make a few study buddies who I can regularly skype with 1:1 My 'bio': I'm female, 27, fluent in English (I teach English to kids) I'm learning Spanish and I would love to chat to a study buddy about once a week if possible, native Spanish speaker or not!

Please reply or message me directly!

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Godd idea bumping this up Ada! - Yeser007, DIC 3, 2011

I agree with you, Mark, and I'm sorry that someone flagged your message as spam. Unless I'm missing something, you're just offering a helpful suggestion.

Skype or some kind of voice chat is a really good way to practice your Spanish with someone.

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posted by Goyo

I agree. Skype or other similar programs are free to download and easy to use. There were many threads here concerning this topic, but it's difficult to find a native really willing to put up with a beginner like me wink

Issabela, fluent Polish, advanced English, beginner Spanish speaker.

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I have found our native Spanish speakers to be very, very tolerant. The problem is that there aren't enough of them to go around! - MLucie, DIC 3, 2011

I agree. This is the best way to practice and learn. Talk first in one language and then in the other. Each person will learn by doing this.

Skype is a good program to use because the quality of the voice chat is very high. I have used it to speak to someone in China, which is halfway around the world from me, and I can always hear very clearly.

Estoy de acuerdo. Esta es la mejor manera de practicar y aprender. Hable primero en un idioma y luego en el otro. Cada persona aprenderá por hacer esto.

Skype es un buen programa para usar porque la calidad del chat de voz es muy alta. Lo he usado para hablar con alguien en China, que está a medio camino en todo el mundo de mí, y siempre se puedo escuchar muy claramente.

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Name - Amit ; Speak - Marathi, Hindi and English; Learning - Spanish

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